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This forum is dedicated to the internationally known group, Los Super Reyes, Mexican American artist and actor, Irvin PW Salinas, and Puerto Rican solo artist, Joseph JoJoe Alicea.
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 re-introduce myself for the fun of it...

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PostSubject: re-introduce myself for the fun of it...   Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:22 am

My name is Cassandra but most people call me "C" or Cassie.
I'm from Texas and have been a fan of the guys since 2006.
I'm one of the administrators of the forum and decided to bring it back to life because I miss the good times we had talking on here as a group. I miss writing stories and getting to share them with people. And even though I like to say I'm not the crazy fan I once was, I'd still like to support them in a certain way.
My goal with this forum is to try to get as many fans to participate as possible and I'd like to see it become successful.


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re-introduce myself for the fun of it...
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